about me

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Hi! My name is Callie Gardner and I’m a poet based in Glasgow, Scotland.


I edit the poetry magazine Zarf and its associated pamphlet press Zarf Editions. I also tweet @ZarfPoetry.

If you want to hire me for writing, editing, or teaching, contact me!

If you’re in Glasgow, you can also come along to the poetry circle I run every Wednesday evening 7-8pm at Category Is Books.



naturally it is not.: a poem in four letters (London: The 87 Press, 2018) is a long poem i wrote in 2016-17. you can buy the whole book here, and read earlier extracts of the four letters in the following places: parts of ‘springletter’ at Amberflora and AMP; parts of ‘summerletter’ in Adjacent Pineapple 1 and 3:AM Magazine; parts of ‘autumnletter’, in Jungftak,  Datableed 7, and para.text 4; and part of ‘winterletter’ in Front Horse 2.

void!friend is another long poem i wrote between 2013 and 2016. parts of it have appeared in the following places: parts iii & xvii in Datableed 2; parts iv & v over at The Literateurparts vi & xix in Poetry Wales 52.1; and part xi at the Lehigh Valley Vanguard. you can read the whole thing here but if you want to share or reproduce it please let me know 🙂

other poetry:

five poems in the Chicago Review 62;1-3 (Winter 2018-19)

two poems in MOTE 1 (July 2018)

two poems in The Other Room Anthology #10 (2018)

the bodies trilogy (Leeds: Vesselwork Distro, 2018)

‘1.4/grid’ (in solidarity with the Save Roath Library protest) on the Poetry Wales blog (2015)

‘Abugida’ in Zone 2 (2014)

three poems in Aufgabe 11 (2012), which is now up as a Jacket 2 reissue



Poetry & Barthes: Anglophone Responses 1970-2000 (Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2018)

‘“I have heard of the end of writing”: Kristjana Gunnars and Roland Barthes’, British Journal of Canadian Studies 31;1 (April 2018), pp. 63-79

‘The Scriptor on Holiday: “The Death of the Author” and Contemporary American Poetry’, Word and Text 7 (2017), pp. 103-115

‘“Residence at C___”: Veronica Forrest-Thomson and Lisa Robertson Writing Cambridge’, Contemporary Women’s Writing 10;1 (2016), pp. 67-84.

in 2016 i guest-edited a special issue of Barthes Studies about Roland Barthes and poetry to which i also contributed an article about Barthes and language poetry

and you can read some of my book reviews over at the Glasgow Review of Books – where i’ve written about AJ Carruthers, Zoë Skoulding, Daniel Canty, Lyn Hejinian and more – or in Hix Eros